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Ergonomic Solutions

Ergonomic Solutions

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Sit-Stand Desk

When we design things at Jesper Office, we always look to the human body for inspiration - that's why we designed a desk that lets you work whether you are sitting down or standing up. Who decided that you have to sit down to work?

Our Sit-Stand Desk creates a breakthrough level of personal comfort and overall health, thanks to a silent motorized desktop that moves up and down in seconds with the touch of a button. It lets you continue working while you achieve your most comfortable posture - whether that be sitting down or standing up.

Alternating between sitting and standing positions greatly reduces discomfort and possible injuries associated with working in a stationary position.

In fact, the pressure on our intervertebral discs is fairly low when standing. Sitting places more pressure or "static" loading on the upper body than standing. Standing relieves the pressure on your back by 40%. So rather than growing tired in a seated position, why not give your back a rest by standing for a short time.

With five finishes and five sizes and desktops available in real wood veneer and laminate, we have something to fit all spaces and budgets alike.

Click Here to See our Sit-Stand Desks.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Creating a safer, healthier environment is what Jesper Office chairs were designed to do. Heavy computer use can be hard on the body. While sitting in an ergonomic task chair can be a big help, even then, you hunch, you crouch, you lean in toward that glowing screen. This can lead to back and neck pain, eyestrain, and fatigue. Our chairs are different. By adjusting to your body's natural movement, our chairs encourage you to sit ergonomically perfect. Effortlessly accommodating individual sizes, postures, and micro movements, our chairs keep your lower back properly aligned, so that you stay relaxed and alert and don't slouch when you're leaning forward or working at a computer.

Click Here to See our Office Seating Program

ergoMonitor Arm

When you're seated at your computer, your body will position itself—and maintain that position, even when it leads to discomfort—so that your eyes focus most easily on the monitor. The result is often postures that aren't healthy or comfortable. Our ergoMonitor Arm allows you to move your screen so that you achieve correct ergonomic position while maintaining the perfect visual display at the optimal distance. This optimal positioning means a more healthful posture for you. It lets achieve your most comfortable posture while keeping your eyes on the screen.

Click Here to See our ergoMonitor Arms

Keyboard Trays

At Jesper Office, our keyboards are built with easy height and angle adjustments, so that you can position your keyboard to suit whatever feels most comfortable to you. We design in smart choices, too, allowing you to mount the keyboard where it fits you best - center, off center (or wherever you prefer).

Click Here to See our Keyboard Trays

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