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15 Simple Ergonomic Tips

Creating A Healthy Work Station

At Jesper Office, our goal is to enable individuals to work at their most safe, effective and motivated levels. Creating good ergonomics and a health-positive environment promotes comfort and reduces injury risk while increasing productivity and promoting employee morale.

Ergonomics is also truly personal. There is no single ergonomic solution for every person in the world. Personal work style and overall body differences like height, weight, bone structure, history of discomfort and overall office environment create diverse ergonomic need.

This means, what may be good for you, may not be good for someone else.

When we design things, we look to the human body for inspiration. Providing ergonomic solutions that work together to create healthy workspaces is our main focus. Working in a comfortable, productive and pain-free environment is something everyone should experience.

Follow these 15 simple guidelines when sitting at your desk to make sure your workstation is ergonomically perfect for you.

Adjusting your workspace may take more effort, but we promise, it will be well worth it.

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