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Green Policy

“For centuries, we have taken for granted that nature would adapt to mankind’s use of its precious resources and environment. In recent years, it has become clear to all of us as consumers, that this world is not an inexhaustible resource which we can tap uncritically.”

-Joern Skarregaard
CEO & President, Jesper Office

Global Responsibility

At Jesper Office, we believe it is a global task and responsibility to conserve our natural resources and only by a conscious and active effort around the world can this be achieved. We are dedicated to finding ways to build quality furniture using sustainable manufacturing and business practices. We are aggressively seeking ways to minimize our environmental impact and are committed to a more ecologically responsible future.

Design and Wood Selection

As a company specializing in environmental furniture solutions, we offer a wide range of eco-friendly products. Our products are either natural, sustainable, or eco-certified. When we design and develop our products, solid wood is used only when construction and stability dictates. We also, only buy raw materials, which are certified and guaranteed to come from plantations or controlled forestry.


We utilize the latest manufacturing techniques, enabling us to not only bring you unique designs, but more importantly, environmentally sound products. All of our products are Phase II Carb-Certified, meaning that we follow strict manufacturing guidelines restricting formaldehyde use in our products.

Commitment to Nature

The entire Jesper team is committed to nature and we hope that this information communicates our basic policy. We think you should be informed before you buy your next piece of functional furniture. Our customers expect –and deserve –nothing less, and at Jesper Office, the environment is our top priority.





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