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The Sit-Stand Desk

Its surface moves so you, your chair,
and your technology stay in healthy alignment.

The one-touch height adjustable Sit-Stand Desk moves silently up and down in seconds. The smooth and powerful, yet silent, computer controlled motor moves the desk at 2 inches per second, quickly making the transition from seated to standing position heights so that you can easily work sitting or standing.

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Designed to fit in wherever you need it to be—the ergonomic Sit-Stand can work as a freestanding desk at home or in an office, or within a systems environment. Its clean, trim aesthetic works harmoniously into any design. Equipped with seven essential elements, the Sit-Stand Desk also offers lots of extras like filing, keyboard trays and monitor arms giving you the freedom to create an ergonomic work station that best suits your style and space.

Choose Your Size

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Item # 7/130/88           Item # 7/65/32          Item # 7/160/100          Item # 7/190/105

*No Modesty Panel.

Choose Your Finish**

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**Prestige Desks are available in Maple, Cherry, Espresso and Teak, Value Desk is available in Maple, Cherry & Espresso. Laminate Desk is available in Cherry, Espresso and Walnut.

See the Sit-Stand Features

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Real Wood Veneer or Laminate Desktop
One-Touch Motorized Desktop
Silently Moves Up & Down in Seconds
Moves 2" per Second
Adjusts from 25" to 52"
260lb Maximum Weight
Fits Individual from 4'11" to 6'11"


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Click Here to See the Jesper Office Sit-Stand Video (Full Length)

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